4 June, US & UK 


coming 4 June, US & UK

Tabitha Muir returns to her childhood home in the remote hills of Hiskith in Scotland after twenty years away. She’s lost her job, her house, and custody of her son after a divorce, and thinks this must be rock bottom – but worse is to come. An sudden explosion at the dam on the loch and the suspicious death of her beloved cousin Davey force Tabitha to confront what lies below the calm surface. 

Is Davey’s death just another dark episode in the Muir family’s scandalous history? As Davey’s closest friends, Gordo and Barrett, help Tabitha try to answer the many questions around Davey’s demise, her discovers that nothing she thought she knew about herself and those around her is true . . . 

The trio are about to bring Hiskith’s darkest secrets to the surface, but will the truth pull them under?

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"A tense, beautifully written page-turner, with a truly unsettling denouement" KIRKUS

"McPherson expertly leads readers down a croooked path, providing just enough information to make it satisfying to puzzle it all out" BOOKLIST