Newsflash: THE DAY SHE DIED is up for an Edgar.

Newsflash too: BRIMSTONE won the Bruce!

Next event: Gifting Grandmas lunch for crisis nurseries 15th April

Q: Who drew all the pies? A: Mark did. The Edinburgh Sketcher




Perthshire 1929 and the menfolk of the Gilver family have come down, between them, with cases of influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia and pleurisy.  When an outbreak of scarlet fever strikes the village  Dandy the devoted wife and mother decides it time to decamp.  Dandy the intrepid detective, however, decides to decamp to the scene of a murder she would dearly love to solve.

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Jessie Constable is a survivor. She holds it together with her job and a couple of friends, keeping her dreams and fears hidden deep inside her. She’s learned not to look for much more. Then Gus King appears and turns her careful life upside down.  Jessie grows a family like she's planted magic beans and doesn't stop to ask why it might seem too good to be true.

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On the rain-drenched, wave-lashed, wind-battered Banffshire coast, tiny fishing villages perch on ledges which would make a seagull think twice and crumbly mansions cling to crumblier cliff tops while, out in the bay, the herring drifters brave the storms to catch their silver darlings. It's nowhere for a child of gentle Northamptonshire to spend Christmas.


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