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News: HOP SCOT is shortlisted for the 2024 Lefty Award for best humorous mystery.

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Q: Who drew all the pies? A: Mark did. The Edinburgh Sketcher


Lexy is long overdue a trip to Scotland to see her parents, and an unexpected death in the extended Last Ditch family makes Christmas in a bungalow in Dundee with eleven others seem almost irresistible.

But when Lexy and the crew hop across the Atlantic, there’s been a change of plan. And a murder, naturally . . .  Explore the book        


Tabitha Muir returns to her childhood home in the remote hills of Hiskith after twenty years away. She’s lost her job, her house, and custody of her son after a divorce, and thinks this must be rock bottom – but worse is to come. An explosion at the dam on the loch and the suspicious death of her beloved cousin Davey force Tabitha to confront what lies below the calm surface. 

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Something sinister is afoot in the streets of Dundee, when a puppeteer is found murdered behind his striped Punch and Judy stand, as children sit cross-legged, licking lollies and  drinking ginger beer  . . .

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