"a virtuoso exploration of guilt, remorse, and revenge in a haunting psychological thriller" KIRKUS (starred review) on GO TO MY GRAVE.

Scot Free "laugh out loud whodunit on a par with early Janet Evanovich" LIBRARY JOURNAL (starred review)

"it may sound like hyperbole to the uninitiated, but her writing is an absolute delight" Scotland on Sunday on A Step So Grave

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Q: Who drew all the pies? A: Mark did. The Edinburgh Sketcher


Lexy Campbell fell in love and left her native Scotland for a golden life in California – hitched to a hunk, building her marriage counselling practice, living the dream. Six months later she’s divorced, broke and headed home. There’s just one last thing. Lexy’s only client – sweet little old Mrs Bombaro – is in jail for murdering her husband and Lexy knows the cops have got it wrong . . .

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 Donna Weaver has put everything into The Breakers. Now it waits for the first guests to arrive. But as they roll up – these couples and cousins, all in their forties – each one discovers they’ve been here before. Sasha had his sixteenth birthday at scruffy old Knockbreak House, as it was. Peach started a life of boozing there. Rosalie and Paul started the life they still share. Buck and Jennifer had one night they barely remember. They’re the lucky ones . . .

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Wedding bells are set to ring  as  Dandy Gilver, family in tow, arrives in windswept Wester Ross on Valentine’s Day. They’ve come to Mallory, a less-than-suitable bride-to-be for Dandy’s son Donald. But soon  love is the last thing on Dandy’s mind  . . .  

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