"When Lexy met Dandy (and Fiona)" short-story mash-up.

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"I need you Lexy," he sobbed. "Brandee's left me."

I almost . . . but I caught myself.

"Lemme check," I said. "You need me because Brandeee's left you? Or Brandeee's left you because you need me?"

He frowned. He sniffed. He wiped away one perfect Swarovski tear. But he didn't answer the question.  Strike one.

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Finnie and Paddy are leaving city life behind them and moving to the little town of Simmerton. Their rented cottage is quaint; their new colleagues are charming; they can’t believe their luck.

But they've been keeping secrets. And they know their precious new start won’t survive a scandal. Together, for the best of reasons, they make the worst decision of their lives.

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It’s the breezy Scottish summer of 1936.  Dandy and Alec have  been called in to solve the strange case of the Cramond Ferrywoman. She's been refusing to row her boat in fine weather; only in foul. And now she won't put to the water at all.  Has she lost her mind? It seems so . . .

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