4 June, US & UK 

The Proper Treatment of Bloodstains (Book 5)

Winner of the Sue Feder Historical Mystery Macavity

Boston Globe top ten pick of the year

1st May 1926,

Dear Alec, 

Just when those who should be working are all downing tools for this wretched strike (and I still can't believe it - I mean to say: riots, Alec - in Edinburgh of all places) guess who is setting her virgin shoulder to its very first wheel? 

I am dressed in serge and sensible footwear, sleeping in an iron bed and dining off pickled tongue at six o'clock each day. I am, in short, that nice young Mrs Balfour's new maid. But don't worry, Alec dear: things haven't got as bad as all that. It's just that that nice young Mr Balfour is going to kill his wife. At least, she thinks so, and the more I hear about him from butler, cook and bootboy the more I'm inclined to agree. 

So I'm undercover, in disguise, bent upon foiling. And jolly hard work it is too - tomorrow is my half-day free if you'd care take me out for a restorative bun. (Every maid needs a beau to buy buns for her.) 


Dandy xx 

p.s. Ask for Miss Rossiter: below stairs I am she.

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“great fun” The Times

“witty, briskly humane and quietly subversive, she is a continuing delight.”  The Guardian

“ acute sense of period, ... a nicely-judged infusion of humour and a winning heroine.” The Independent

 “The story bristles with clues, and the resolution ... is un-guessable yet just the right side of ridiculous.”  The Financial Times

“A real contender for the Agathas!" Library Journal