4 June, US & UK 

The Winter Ground (Book 4)

Bad luck? Bad timing? Or good old-fashioned MURDER

When a circus comes to spend the winter at the neighbouring estate to Gilverton, Dandy Gilver's two sons are cock-a-hoop and they are not alone in their excitement. 

The allure of Tumbling Topsy Turvy, Tiny Truman and the Troupe Prebezhensky also draw the attention of the fast set, who would never normally be seen dead with the nouveau riche Mr & Mrs Albert Wilson. 'The name, darling, tells you everything you need to know.'

But when Dandy Gilver is asked to investigate a series of nasty tricks taking place in the circus she discovers, under the colourful charms on the surface of circus life, a hotbed of passion and resentment she cannot begin to understand. But, when one of the artistes suddenly dies, Dandy must somehow get behind the smoke and mirrors to find answers in a world where nothing is as it seems. 

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The Observer

“a jaunty romp with a gripping ending”

"Fascinating and well-written"

Historical Novel Society

The Bookbag

“a wonderful heroine ... her warmth, charm, humour and ingenuity shine through McPherson's words.”