The Witching Hour is coming

to the Uk, 2nd May!


'A disturbing story of madness and fortitude" Kirkus

Meet Ivy Stone. A fifty-four-year-old book-keeper from Aberdeen with a second chance at life now that’s Mother’s gone. She’s determined to overcome her shyness and finally make a friend.

Meet Martine MacAllister. A grant-writer from Lockerbie, facing her thirties like she’s faced her whole life – working hard and ignoring the racists. If only she wasn’t quite so alone. Join a club, they say. So she has and she’s hoping.

Meet Laura Wade. An entrepreneur from Ayrshire, hitting forty and far from ready for it. She’s got her life mapped out and the prospect of it dazzles her. All she needs is to meet the right man. And soon. Luckily there’s no shortage of help for that these days.

The world is full of women and girls searching for something and ready to follow a trail of breadcrumbs to find it.

Enter Tash Dodd. She’s a worker-bee, a grafter, no way a hero. But, when her unremarkable life  explodes one day and her normal family is revealed for what they truly are, her only choice is to embark on a quest for justice and redemption; a quest that soon becomes a race against time.

In this modern fairytale, set in Scotland’s post-industrial central belt, the secrets inside respectable-looking lives curdle, the poison spreads, and the clock is ticking for all the innocents trapped in the gingerbread house.

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"a disturbing tale of madness and fortitude that grabs the attention from page 1" KIRKUS

"a creepy read ... that will linger in the reader's memory long after finishing."  BOLO BOOKS

"Nobody does a thriller better ... a riveting read" THE READING ROOM