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Online book tour
Nov/Dec 2023


Dru's Book Musing: date TBA - A Day in the Life of Keith and Judith Campbell

BOLO Books: date TBA - Snakes on a Tree (and other Christmas oddnesses)

CrimeReads: date TBA - top 5 Christmas mysteries (+ Die Hard (always))

Jungle Red Writers: Nov 27 - planes, trains and all the ordeals (travel nightmares) 

Criminal Minds : Nov 30 - when a trilogy gets to be nine books long . . .

Wicked Authors: Dec 5 - deck the halls with . . . this year's fashions?


Stiletto Gang: Dec 7 - Seasonal Romance and why it never works out

Cozy Corner Podcast: Dec 14 - where Alexia Gordon and I will discuss my favourite holiday

Chicks on the Case: Dec 15 - holiday disasters and why they're better than triumphs

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