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Bouchercon, Minneapolis
Sept 8-11 2022

I'll be in the Land of Actually *More* Than 10,000 Lakes But Midwesterners Don't Like To Brag from Wednesday to Sunday:

Thursday - book room, bar, book room, bar, book room . . .

Friday - Guests of Honor Toastmasters Interview Jess Lourey and Lori Rader-Day - Minneapolis Grand Ballroom EFG - 3rd Floor, 11.30am.

Saturday -SinC Breakfast - Minneapolis Grand Ballroom ABC - 3rd Floor, 7am

Saturday - Humor in Mystery Writing - Minneapolis Grand Ballroom EFG - 3rd Floor Moderator, Jessie Chandler,Matthew Goldman, Charlaine Harris, Craig Johnson, Catriona McPherson, Rob Osler, 9am.

Saturday - Under the Sun or Below Zero - Minneapolis Grand Ballroom EFG - 3rd Floor, Moderator, Matthew Goldman, Alexander McCall lSmith, Catriona McPherson, Jo Nesbo, Caro Ramsay, Stan Trollip (Michael Stanley), 11.20am

Sunday - book room, coffee shop. book room, coffee shop, book room . . .

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