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The Mirror Dance
(Dandy Gilver 15)
US Launch

19th Oct: in conversation with Lori Rader Day at The Poisoned Pen Bookstore.  Click here. We're joining forces. Lori is launching the magisterial DEATH AT GREENWAYS and we're planning a semi-sickening love-loop of mutual fandom. 

23rd Oct: Mystery Month's historical panel with MWA NorCal. Click here. Mystery is the word. I'm not sure yet who else is on this panel or what time it's airing. Watch this space.

??Nov: Guestblogging on the horror of puppets at CrimeReads. Right? Puppets? Ventriloquists' dummies? Socks with eyes? Brrrrrr.

5th Nov: guestblogging on academic mysteries at BOLO Books. It is the easiest thing in the world to get to my five favourite academic crime novels. Stopping at five . . . not so much. There will be many honourable mentions.

12th Nov: guestblogging on theatrical mysteries, with The Wickeds. Ditto. And what else could I blog about for a group that includes Julie Henrikus?

15th Nov: Live chat with Rogue Women Writers on Fb and YouTube. This looks likes a ton of fun. It was a bit of a challenge to name Dandy Gilver's favourite snack: Nanny Palmer didn't allow eating between meals. 

17th Nov: "Didn't August Bank just win a Tony?": Guestblogging on UK and US holidays at Miss Demeanors

18th Nov: Fireside Chat with the Grand Canyon Writers. Click here. I'm talking about clues and red herrings but I'm mining THE MIRROR DANCE for all my examples.

18th Nov: a fifteen-book restrospective at Criminal Minds. Because Book 1 was supposed to be a palate cleanser/mood booster before I tried writing something for real. And look what happened!

3rd Dec: Guestblogging on childhood comics witrh Jungle Red Writers. Hey, just because I'm 55 and I emigrated that time, don't think I don't have many, many copies of Twinkle and the Teddy Bear Weekly.

6th Dec : Guestblogging at Drus Book Musings. A Day in the Life? Q&A? Books to buy for gifts? Whatever Dru lets me do is a treat and an honour. (It's a day in the life: Mrs Tilling).

7th Dec: Launch Day! Live reading at my Facebook author page. (Guess who hasn't got a YouTube channel.)

8th Dec: masterclass on writer's block, for Career Authors

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