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(e-book) Blog & Pod Tour

I'm hitting the  . . . erm . . . keyboard to celebrate the early launch of the e-book version of SCOT ON THE ROCKS, Lexy Campbell's third Last Ditch adventure. 

15th July, guest-blogging at Jungle Red Writers

22nd July, interview at The Cozy Corner with Alexia Gordon podcast.

24th July, guest-blogging at Wicked Authors.

28th July, blogging at Femmes Fatales

29th July, Composite Sketch at BOLO Books

2nd Aug, Q&A at Dru's Book Musings

3rd Aug, live reading of chapter 1 on Facebook, 4pm PST

4th Aug, guest-blogging at Chicks on the Case

6th Aug, Blogging at Criminal Minds

10th Aug, reading and interview on the It's a Mystery podcast with Alexandra Amor 





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