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Left Coast Crime, Vancouver
28-31 March.


Thursday 28th, 10-12am. I'm on the registration table welcoming arrivals. Absolutely not asking famous authors what their names are (like I did that other time).

Thursday 28th, 6-7.30pm. At the welcome reception, getting in a group hug with all the other Lefty nominees.

Friday 29th, 2.45-3.30pm. On the humorous Lefty shortlist panel with Ellen Byron, Kellye Garrett, Tim Hallinan, Leslie Karst, Cynthia Kuhn and Janet Rudolph moderating. 

Friday 29th, 5.15pm. Interviewing the toastmaster, Cathy Ace.

Friday 29th, 6.15pm. Telling bar stories with Robin Burcell, David Corbett, Tim Hallinan, David Schlosser and our host Simon Wood.

Saturday 30th, 2.45-3.30pm. Palying the Match Game with Lee Goldberg, Howard Michael Gould, Glen Eric Hamilton and Chantelle Aimee Osman moderating. 

Saturday 30th, Hosting a table at the Lefty awards banquet, with a VVVIP guest. 



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