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13th December.

It doesn't look overly seasonal, I know - but that's Aberdeenshire for you; very short on Santa hats. Nevertheless, this is Dandy's Christmas adventure and also the most fun I have ever had researching a book. Ever. Here's what's in store as it heads down the slipway. 



Avid Reader, Davis, 7.30pm Thur 15th December. There will be cake.

Also, Avid Reader at the Tower, Sacramento, 4pm, 16th of December. There will be more cake. 


Blog tour:

1st December: Mysteristas

2nd December: Henery Press.

5th December: Mystery Fanfare

7th December: There's a Dead Guy in the Livingroom

8th December: Bolo Books 

9th December: Wicked Cozy

12th December: Mystery Playground

13th December: Femmes Fatales

14th December: Dru's Book Musings

15th December: Criminal Minds

16th December: Jungle Reds


Pre-order offer and giveaway.

Everyone who pre-orders THE REEK OF RED HERRINGS between now and the12th of December will receive an exclusive "World of Gilverton" short story, featuring Dandy and her household at Christmas,1935.  And you'll be entered into a prize-draw to win all eleven books in the series, signed and sent to you. 

How to enter: simply send proof of your pre-order - a photocopied till recieipt from a bricks-and-mortar bookshop or a forwarded email from any online seller - to catrionamcpherson@gmail.com

US only, I'm afraid. But how about this for UK readers: if you send me a picture of yourself and a copy of DANDY GILVER AND A MOST MISLEADING HABIT I'll send you the short story. (The postage on the book bundle might bankrupt me!)



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