4 June, US & UK 

Scot and Soda (Book 2)

Winner of the 2020 Lefty award for best humorous mystery.

Finlist for the Anthony award for best paperback original 2020

Lexy sails again! Now settled in her little houseboat, moored in the slough at the back of the Last Ditch Motel, Lexy Campbell wants nothing more than to build her counseling business, avoid her mother’s phone calls and – who knows? – meet a nice guy. But when she throws a Halloween party for her motley crew of motel pals, the only single man is too old for her, too wrapped around the seventy-two pack chilling in the slough, and – oh, yes – too dead.

The smart choice is to leave it up to the cops to ID the body and catch the killer. Lexy and Co. are on the case before you could say “Tam O’Shanter”, delving deep into Cuento’s past for the roots of this present day nightmare.

It's no secret that fictional Cuento, CA, is loosely based on actual Davis, CA. Davis Author, Eileen Rendahl. notes that there are a fair few of what she dubbed "Schmavis novels" around.  In SCOT AND SODA there are five little Easter eggs that might mean something to readers who know Davis (and won't be any trouble to readers who don't). Just for fun, I've gathered them together here in . . . 

                                          THE SCHMAVIS QUIZ

1. (Example). The diner in Cuento is called The Red Racoon. The diner in Davis is called The Black Bear. They are both coloured animals.

2. The drive-thru coffeeshop in Cuento is called ...

3. The newspaper in Cuento is called ...

4. The county where you'll find Cuento is called ...

5. The county town of that county is called ...

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McPherson’s imaginative, frightfully funny follow-up to 2018’s Scot Free ... Peppered with clever red herrings, the mystery gleefully revels in the absurd, but it’s Lexy’s friendships with the Last Ditch’s unusual residents that give this series its big heart.  PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

"McPherson stands alone in her ability to tell a hilarious story while revealing the ramifications of crime." LESA'S CRITIQUES

"cleverly plotted so that it keeps the reader guessing until the very end." MYSTERIOUS PLAYGROUND