4 June, US & UK 

Dandy Gilver and A Most Misleading Habit
(Book 11) UK

The Lanark Moor is a bleak spot, even for Scotland, and at the tail end of a hard winter, a sojourn there is no one's idea of fun. But since the break-out from an insane asylum on Christmas Eve and the fire at the nearby convent while the inmates were at large, trouble has haunted the moor - not to mention the cloisters - and something needs to be done. Dandy Gilver and Alec Osborne arrive to find terrified nuns, troubled patients, and their knottiest mystery yet. Add a cast of cheerful orphans, suspicious villagers and hapless toffs and the scene is set for another adventure with as many shudders as giggles.

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Intelligent and elegant"                                         HERALD

'A hedonistic mix of historical fiction, black comedy and murder mystery"              THE LADY